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The Natural Health Inspector Project

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naturalhealthinspectorThis site is a toolbox of natural health practices, cures, and treatments that can fit any lifestyle.

We find and talk about ideas that make our minds, bodies, and spirits, feel and work better. Why??.....because as Franklin Pierce Adams said....."Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year".

It is our mission to learn and share natural living ideas from anywhere in the world that prevent injury and illness, strengthen minds and bodies, contribute to sustainability efforts, and help us enjoy every day.

You'll find it easy to include many of these practices into your life at a time, place, and pace that you choose, and some will require a bit more effort.

The Four Natural Health Practices

Everything we do is based on The 4 Natural Health Practices:

  1. Strengthening Life Energy
  2. Putting the right things in the mind and body
  3. Harmonizing - with others and the environment
  4. Exercising the mind and body

If you consistently practice one or two of these, you'll be amazed at how positively it can affect your day, and your life.

Since not all things that are said to be "natural" are good for us - as part of this project we will "inspect" and share ideas in four categories:

  • One Star - Interesting alternative ideas that have helped some, but may not be for the more traditional mind
  • Two Stars - Ideas with a reason to believe - You know, the natural remedies that grandma had in her medicine cabinet, or cures from other cultures. We are going to collect them here
  • Three Stars- Ideas with long experience of effectiveness, but not scientifically proven
  • Four Stars- where science and historical uses generally agree on its effectiveness - we place the highest value on this category

The Challenge We Face

Sadly, many of us take better care of our cars than we do of our bodies, minds, and souls. Let's look at some common situations:

  • Foods filled with preservatives, growth hormones, and sugars that steal people's health.
  • Obesity at such a large scale that it seems normal. Two of obesity's kissing cousins: diabetes, and high blood pressure are not far away
  • stressful workplaces and lifestyles, causing untold damage to bodies and minds
  • A loss of connectedness to spirituality
  • Crowds of young people whose main source of exercise is for their thumbs when they are texting, or surfing the web
  • Medicine cabinets with all colors and shapes of powerful pills. A "heal through written prescription" mindset, and TV ads that drive people to their doctor's office demanding a prescription to the fixitgood prescription that they saw on TV the night before

If you really see this picture for what it is, you can't help but conclude that it's time for some different solutions - and the Natural health Inspector Project is here to explore practical alternatives that work.

Natural health is really about finding the balance of mental, physical and spiritual ways of life that work for you, without obsessing over it.

This is a good time to stop and lay out some disclaimers:

Because all of us are different, not everything will work for everybody.

Anything you try from information on this site is your responsibility..... OK?? We will provide information and ideas that are intended to bring benefits, but you are then responsible for doing any additional research to make it right for you, including consulting your own trusted professionals, if necessary.

Now that's out of the way, and you are still here - great!

If you are already really into natural health, you just might find some new ideas here. In addition, we plan to give our readers opportunities to share what they know with others.

Check back often as we will be adding articles, interviews, and features.

I hope you find this special project to be interesting and valuable, and decide to share some natural health ideas of your own.

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About The Natural Health Inspector
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