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Why The Natural Health Inspector?

The Natural Health Inspector website provides ideas on natural living that help us to stay healthy, make life more enjoyable, depend less on prescriptions and doctors, and live in harmony with the environment.

The 4 Natural Health Practices are central principles that encourage us to take personal responsibility for our health and simplify the usual large amount of information available. In doing so, they act as a guide for decisions that directly affect our well being.

This is not to say that we should not use doctors and medications - I support integrating doctor care into our health planning, but our society is generally out of balance, depending way too much on doctors to fix what ails us, and not enough on our own body's natural ability to heal itself.

Here we will take on the task of accumulating knowledge and practices in natural health and examine these ideas with an emphasis on "where's the proof?".

A Natural Journey

Very early, I learned that to be good in sports, I needed a better level of fitness than my competitors.

As I traveled to other parts of the US and the world, I tried local foods, herbs, and teas, and marveled at how they could change my energy level and how I felt......for better or worse.

As a longtime practitioner of martial arts, and energy arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Aikido, and Reiki, I continue to learn how important internal energy (Chi, Qi, Ki) is in healing.

During this learning process, my engineering training brought a necessary skepticism and logic that helped to "connect the dots" into the 4 Natural Health Practices.

We will be publishing content from our experience as well as from our visitors. We hope you will visit often.

If you'd like to send us ideas for topics, feedback, or comments, please do so in the form below.

I hope to hear from you.

Greg Jordan

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