Alternative Energy Healing

What Mainstream Medicine Doesn't Want You To Know

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Alternative Energy Healing is an exploration into different healing methods where science, spirituality, and traditions meet.

It's called alternative for a reason - because the principles seem not to be consistent with today’s established medical treatments – but there are connections.

Some of the healing methods have a good deal of science behind them, and some have very little scientific evidence, but people have used them successfully for hundreds, if not thousands, of years to heal physical and mental ailments. It is because of these two reasons that it is part of the 4 Natural Health Practices.

The Benefits Of Exploring These Therapies?

Most importantly, they can bring to our lives and our environment the positive gifts of deep personal peace, happiness, wellness, and even help us to achieve our life’s purpose. These are priceless gifts in a hurried, pressure filled world, one that has more than its share of negativity.

For those who are ill, alternative energy healing methods open new possibilities to heal what’s wrong, make what’s right even better, or complements conventional medical treatment. - a benefit not be overlooked. The “yin and yang” of this combination can offer very powerful healing.

I have used some of these techniques to successfully treat a back condition when my doctor’s only recommendation was steroid injections and surgery. Was that a lucky set of circumstances for me? Maybe, but I think the combination of Reiki, Qigong, chiropractic treatments, and stretches helped me to avoid more extreme measures.

But, let's slow down a moment. It is a good time to caution that you should not willy nilly substitute alternative energy healing for your trusted medical professional’s advice. Lots of your own due diligence is necessary to find the right personal path.

Common sense will tell us that some methods will be more effective than others because of the differences in our individual bodies and minds. The best that we can do is to explore what is right for us as individuals, and follow proven principles.

Alternative Energy Healing Principles

Alternative energy healing methods are built on several principles:

  1. Our bodies have electromagnetic properties. Tiny electrical currents flow within our bodies that are created by biochemical activities at the cellular level
  2. We live in an environment that is filled with electromagnetic fields – both natural and human made
  3. Atoms and molecules are affected by vibrations and electromagnetic activity
  4. We can create different electromagnetic fields by the way we think. Our consciousness can create a different health reality
  5. Our bodies have the properties of a small biochemical reactor that bathes our cells in energy and life
  6. The mind contains the power and intelligence to heal itself

Most of these principles are backed by scientific proof. Albert Einstein’s Quantum Physics theories revolutionized thinking about how the energy field of the universe operates and he set in motion the later discoveries that would connect to these principles.

So what do these principles and science have to do with Alternative Energy Healing? .....well the way I think about it is that if these principles are true, as science has proven them to be, then we can use them as a guide, a map through a jungle of opinion, legend, anecdotes, treatments, and hearsay, to find more natural healing methods that work for us We can teach ourselves how to self heal.

Some of these methodologies are:

This is not an exhaustive list but in total covers quite a bit of ground in this area.

Are any or all of these a waste of time? Do they really work? Are they practical? What does science say about them? These are questions that we will explore in upcoming articles about specific therapies.

If you would like to participate in our project, write a few sentences to describe an Alternative Energy Healing Therapy that we do not list here. If we like it, we'll make it a page on our site. Thanks for your help!

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