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Free Glycemic Index Chart

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This free Glycemic Index Chart has been compiled from the latest research on carbohydrates and blood sugar.

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how fast blood sugar rises when 50 grams (1.75 oz.) of a specific food is eaten.

Foods with a high glycemic index (greater than 70) will cause a rapid increase in blood sugar.

Foods with a low glycemic index (less than 55) will cause a much slower rise in blood sugar.

For more information on the blood sugar spike-crash cycle visit the Glycemic Index - A Day in the Life of A Carb

How to use this Chart

The more experienced with this method can simply use it for reference. For those who are just starting, I would suggest the following approach:

  • First, define your goal. Is it to lose weight? or reverse your pre-diabetic symptoms? or is it to eat more healthy? Whatever your goal is, determine what your motivation is as specifically as possible.
  • Next, print out the chart, using it to monitor what you normally would eat, noting the index numbers for each food. Carry a small notebook with you for recording GI values, or for looking them up later. The idea is just to get a sense for where you are starting from.

  • Finally, set a GI reduction goal and begin to eat foods that fall within the index range that you want. Be patient and stick with it.

You'll find that this approach offers a lot of flexibility and after a while, you will know without looking at the chart where you are. You'll also find that after a few months, it becomes a permanent lifestyle change because you'll not be able to sit down for a meal without the little GI voice in your head giving you advice.

Remember that for normal circumstances, balance is the key. Unless you are battling diabetes, it is OK to eat the occasional high GI food, if you balance it out with lots more low GI foods. If there are any questions about your particular circumstances, consult your trusted professional.

Enjoy your free glycemic index chart. You can get to it by clicking the link below. I hope it helps you to maintain great health.

Click here to read the free glycemic index in your browser, or right-click to download it.

From Free Glycemic Index Chart to A Day in the Life Of A Carb