The Mind Body Soul Connection

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An ancient Spartan slogan should have said; a "healthy mind body soul connection" instead of just "a healthy mind in a healthy body".

They can be forgiven that oversight since it seems that much of their activities of sword wielding, spear and rock throwing, and wrestling bad guys, demanded top physical and mental conditioning.

Our Spartan friends showed us that mind and body connections are the easiest to understand, but what about the soul? For now, let's skip the religious and philosophical debates about the reality of the soul, and use a more practical definition. The soul, in the context of natural health, is the energy and essence of life, the absence of which is death.

Defining The Mind Body Soul Connection

You've probably noticed that I have combined three separate ideas into one term: "mind body soul" to reminded us that even if we are not consciously aware, they are always connectedand we experience these connections all the time.

In these examples, note how simple physical or mental actions can play out in one of the other elements:

  • Taking deep breaths can calm your mind in the midst of great stress.
  • Happy chemicals - endorphins - are dumped into our bloodstream during exercise, pain, acupuncture, massage, sex, and eating spicy foods.
  • Spiritual practices change the brain waves in ways that can help us more creatively solve problems.
  • A powerful vision or goal held in the mind of a single individual can create the energy to accomplish it.
  • Spending time observing beauty in our environment, whether it is music, art, or nature can rejuvenate the mind and spirit.

We hardly give a thought to these experiences, we are just not wired to walk around thinking about them - its all on automatic.

The Behind-The-Scenes Secret to Good Health

So, what's any of this got to do with natural health?

First, in what may be the most hectic lifestyles in history, its good for us to reflect on our basic nature from time to time - otherwise we lose our true sense of self.

Secondly, the secrets to better health may just be in choosing life activities that strengthen the connections between mind, body, and soul. Living life this way is an art - a natural health art.

Does this mean more stuff for you to do? With busy schedules, how can you possibly do anything else, even if it is good for you?

Good question! and the answer lies in another question: How important is it for me to make small changes in lifestyle that can keep me feeling energetic and well, and get the most enjoyment out of life?

The 4 Elements For Connecting Mind Body and Soul:

Assuming that you feel it is at least a little important, you are in luck....

Below is a graphic and description of my list of four activities that can develop the mind, body, and soul. If you are already doing any of these, give yourself a pat on the back, but if not, pick one and make it a part of your life - like eating or going to work. If you feel more ambitious, add others. But, just choosing one can be a life changer.

  • Practice Qigong and Tai Chi - ancient arts for physical exercise and developing the life force (soul - chi - prana - ki). With practice, they become a doorway to spirituality. These arts are also not just for older people. can be practiced as it was in the beginning - a martial art. Also see How Tai Chi Movements can Keep Us Youthful Meditation can also be used as a substitute for Qigong.
  • Regularly get into creative activities - either alone or with others - games, art, music, theater, and many other activities challenge the right brain - the home of imagination and intuition. This relieves stress - the silent killer - and forces a healthy balance into our life
  • Challenge the Mind daily - A mental workout that exercises the mind through reading, logic or word games, learning a new language, or adding vocabulary, builds mental muscle, keeps life interesting, and continuously develops you as a person
  • Put Your Powerful Subconscious to Work - The subconscious is our most powerful method of organizing the body's resources for perfect health. It only needs to be directed by daily messages to achieve benefits. To change your outer world, you must first change your inner world

There will be more details on these four elements and how it relates to mind body soul, on other pages in this site.

One last thought: - Adopt these 4 elements as long term term lifestyle changes, and not just exercises. Its a good chance that doing so will reduce the dependency on doctors, nurses and hospitals, in favor of practical mind body soul connections

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