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Walking To Lose weight

Walking To Lose Weight is the simple application of the most universal exercise in the world to lose weight and gain other great benefits

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Exercise Plans

Try creating exercise plans and you’ll find it to be a habit that not only keeps you healthy, but one that you look forward to every day

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The Natural Health Inspector Project

4 Natural Health Practices are the keys to taking control of our own health. The project's goal is to share wisdom, proven through science and experience. in ways that will help us live a happier, he

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On Being Sedentary - One Of the Worst Possible Lifestyles

A recent study makes scientific connections between a sedentary lifestyle and chronic health issues.

From Tai Chi to Pilates, there are so many natural and free options available to us to exercise that there is no excuse for our health to be affected by non - activity.

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The Power Of the Mind

The power of the mind has the potential for a collective, positive subconscious shift that can heal the bruises and scabs of our globe.

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Alternative Energy Healing - A Key To Health And Healing

Alternative energy healing is where science, spirituality, and traditions meet. It can bring to our lives and our environment the positive gifts of deep personal peace, happiness, wellness, and

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The Mind Body Soul Connections

Mind Body Soul connections receive scant attention as we proceed through our busy lives. Its time we started to shift our lifestlye a bit, to include simple powerful ways to achieve perfect health.

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Free BMI Calculator Chart

This Free BMI calculator Chart gives you an idea where your ideal weight should be

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Signs Of Stress

We frequently ignore signs of stress because we don't know what to do. Learn 14 natural ways to manage stress

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The Benefits Of Tea Drinking

The Benefits of tea drinking are at work on both mind and Body. This article is about why Tea drinking belongs in the 4 natural Health Practices

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